Create the Orca Foundation

Today, we are excited to propose the creation of the Orca Foundation, which has the mission to support the decentralized growth and sustainability of the Orca Protocol and its supporting ecosystem and community.

The Orca Foundation (OF) will provide grants to builders, researchers, organizers, academics, analysts, and more to grow the Protocol and plan for its future.

It will make it easier to govern the protocol and community treasury, and to navigate the broader ecosystem.

It will help you make an impact – to reduce friction, and amplify your efforts.

We believe that Orca will be the value exchange layer of the Internet.

It brought the automated market maker to the masses.

It has led the way in the evolution and growth of DeFi and web3.

It is censorship resistant, permissionless, decentralized, and secure – constituting a set of properties which we believe should define our world’s financial infrastructure.

But there is still a long way to go for Orca to reach its full potential.

We’re excited to work with all of you to make that happen.

If you’re excited too, please read our proposal, comment, reach out to chat , and spread the word.

Today, we are thrilled to propose the creation of the Orca Foundation (OF).

Scope: The UF, the first Foundation of a major protocol to go through the community governance process, will support the Protocol’s decentralized growth, reinvigorate governance, and serve as a Protocol advocate.

Team: XXX will serve as the Executive Director, XXX will serve as Head of Operations, and they will build out a team of 3.

Budget: To fund these efforts, we are requesting:

A $1.4M Operating budget to cover a full team for 3 years

A $6M expanded Orca Grants Program (OGP) budget to cover 3+ years

We are requesting $7.4M total, which will be broken into two disbursements, with a first disbursement of $2M.

Governance Participation: We are also requesting 2.5M ORCA to participate in governance, primarily through delegation.


In pursuit of a more open and fair financial system, the Orca Foundation supports the decentralized growth and sustainability of the Orca Protocol and its supporting ecosystem.