Governance Program Update


The Council will submit upgrades to the DAO’s on-chain governance program when Solana Labs releases new versions of the program.


Orca’s DAO is a unique instance of the Solana Labs governance program, named Realms. The program is in active development by the Solana Labs team. As part of this development, the team will regularly release new versions of the programs that include additional features and bug fixes.

Since the Orca DAO deployed its own instance, new versions of the program are not automatically upgraded on Orca’s governance program. Instead, the DAO is responsible for upgrading its own program through a governance proposal.

To make things more efficient, the Council will be responsible for upgrading the governance program through proposals.

Technical Details

Orca’s DAO is a unique instance of the Solana Labs governance program deployed on the following account: J9uWvULFL47gtCPvgR3oN7W357iehn5WF2Vn9MJvcSxz.

The current version of the program is SPL Governance v3.1.0.

Last month, the Solana Labs team released SPL Governance v.3.1.1. The new version includes a non critical runtime bug fix and minor updates to existing features.

The proposal will upgrade the existing program to the latest version.

Proposal Process

Local Build

The latest version of the governance was built locally by a Council member using the latest version of the code.

Intermediary Buffer Account

The local build was then deployed to an intermediary buffer account on the Solana blockchain, found here: B7hcQyg88RMYGk1ExZQJznXgNvpUBQX9LP1XrRcrMgBT

The authority for this buffer account was set to match the existing DAO program’s authority, which is the governance account used to vote on proposals.

This intermediary buffer holds the latest version of the code, and will be ingested by the existing Orca governance program through the proposal transaction. In other words, this is a way of adding the latest version of the code on the blockchain so that the existing program can be replaced with the new version.


The Council will submit a proposal to redeploy the existing program using the intermediary buffer account.

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