Let's Orcanauts help to keep loyalty users and generate revenue

Hi friends,

Firstly, I known that Orcanauts is designed for art and exclusive to access Orca community and platform, Not any direct financial benefit.

But Let’s see this way,

If you may consider to add perk for using platform for Orcanauts holders,
For example imo,

  • Give Orcanuats holders using Orca swap with fee discount 50%
  • Increase Royalty fee from 3% to 6%
  • Give 50% from Orcanauts rolyaty to Orca treasury

Expected result,

  • Benefit for Orca volume, Orcanauts will never swap anywhere, only swap at Orca due to less fee
  • Benefit for Orcanuats holders, Floor price will rise
  • Benefit for Orcanuats future, get more royalty fee
  • Benefit for Orca token holders that get more revenue from Orcanauts royalty sharing
  • Benefit for Orca overall with more value asset, more volume that can draw more attention to us as we are Blue Chip NFT/Token/Platform on Solana

I know that this solution may not the best, you can adjust number or type of perk.

We have good Defi platform, We have good NFT community.
Why don’t we mix it and put the great outcome!


Great suggestion.

On the other hand, I don’t like idea of perking. AMM is for the people, not hodlers, right? But, with the open source of Whirlpools, team/community should promote to get perks for Orcanauts holders for those building on top?