Proposal to Powering ORCA Protocol 360º: DAO, Climate Fund and Holders


Firstly, I apologize for any errors in English, as it is not my native language.

Secondly, it’s important to mention that the proposal is not write on rock. All discussion to make it more interesting and functional is welcome.

This proposal aims to Powering ORCA Protocol 360º: DAO, Holders and Most Important Climate Fund - I will explain how in the last part.

The Inicial Proposal

Currently, ORCA has the following fee structure:

Pools with a fee tier of ≥0.3% have the trading fee divided as follows:

87% to the maker (Liquidity Provider)

12% to the DAO treasury

1% to the Climate Fund

My proposal aims to allocate 8% of what would go to the DAO to holders that have delegated and staked their tokens to incentivize activity. The DAO should still retain 4% as exemplified by Raudium.

It would look like this:

87% to the maker (Liquidity Provider)

8% to incentivizing active

4% to the DAO treasury

1% to the Climate Fund

IMPORTANT - To prevent price manipulation, users need to cooldown 7 days to withdraw staked tokens.

Proposal to empower the Climate Fund

Following the above reasoning, a mechanism should be created in the smart contract for users who have staked tokens to allocate "by the will” a percentage of their choice to the Climate Fund.


Wallet X sets up that 10% of what it receives from fee should be redirected to the Climate Fund.
Wallet Y sets up that 8% of what it receives from fee should be redirected to the Climate Fund.

Furthermore, creating a ranking of donations by wallets that could receive some type of NFT as recognition of help the Climate Fund.

IMPORTANT - This proposal to change the DAO percentage (from 12% to 4%) will be implemented from now on if approved. This means that NO RETROACTIVE VALUE IN THE DAO WILL BE TOUCHED.

With this proposal, I believe that the DAO is strengthened with more users, holders will certainly appreciate receiving protocol fees, and especially the Climate Fund will receive more resources for the benefit of the planet if the voluntary donation proposal is well executed.

I thank the DEVs for all the work done on the protocol and the entire team around ORCA. I’ve been here since the first month of the ORCA protocol launch.

That’s all, thanks!



Thanks for your interest in Orca! If you would like to submit a tokenholder proposal, please visit Orca’s governance portal on Realms and connect your wallet. This would be a Signaling Governance (6d76J…4HUf9) proposal (also called ‘Off-Chain Governance’), so you will need to deposit 250,000 ORCA tokens to submit the proposal. After that, fellow tokenholders will have 5 days to vote. This proposal will require 1,000,000 total ‘yes’ votes to pass. If it passes, it will undergo a cool-down period of 2 days, during which time the Council will review the proposal and determine whether to cast any veto votes. If the veto threshold (4 ‘no’ votes) is not met, then your proposal will be implemented subject to the bylaws.

Let me know if you have any questions! I will also share your proposal with the Council for discussion.

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Hi, Council.Secretary,

Thank you for the feedback in your response. At the moment, I don’t have the necessary amount of tokens to submit the proposal.

But I have a question. Can we perhaps reverse the process? That is, the council makes its observations and changes on this proposal, and then, if possible, indicates a partner or the council itself opens the proposal. Of course, if they like the idea.

I hope to be able to assist in any way possible. Thanks



I’ve just seen in the documents that 100,000 ORCA are required to submit a Governance Proposal. Is this correct?

If this is the required amount, I can buy a lit bit more to do a Governance Proposal. If you could confirm this for me, I would appreciate it.

Thank you

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Thank you for pointing out the mistake in the documents. Those parameters have been changed through subsequent governance proposals, and the documents are currently being updated. A Signaling / Off-Chain Governance proposal such as yours requires 250,000 ORCA to submit.

Your proposal was reviewed, discussed and considered by the Council, and they have elected not to move forward with it at this time. I’m afraid I cannot share more specific feedback. However, you remain welcome and encouraged to submit a tokenholder proposal for your idea either directly (by acquiring ORCA or being delegated the necessary tokens) or through garnering the support of another ORCA tokenholder who submits the proposal.

The Council truly appreciates your participation in the governance process.

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LPSC I like this idea and believe it would be a large benefit to the ORCA community and future of the platform.
I have 20K ORCA to delegate towards a Governance proposal. I will keep an eye on this