Orca Governance Council - Call for Self-Nominations for New Member!

Ahoy podmates!

Further to last month’s post, in order to give the community more time to participate in selecting a new Council member for the 2024 term, this post marks the beginning of a one-week open nomination period.

During this time, interested community members are encouraged to nominate themselves for consideration as the next Council member by replying directly to this post. Please include a brief summary of:

  • your background, relevant professional history, and/or experience with Orca or crypto or governance generally;
  • unique benefits you would bring to the Council;
  • how you would represent the interests of the Orca community; and
  • what you think the Council’s top priorities should be for 2024.

As a reminder, Council members play an important role in Orca’s governance process. To do the job well, it’s important that Council members share several qualities: (i) they have deep experience in crypto and are knowledgeable about Orca; (ii) they have the bandwidth to carry out their responsibilities in a timely fashion; and (iii) they have high integrity, good character, and a firm commitment to represent the best interests of the ORCA tokenholder community.

Council members are expected to regularly attend meetings, timely vote on Council proposals and other preliminary matters, participate in asynchronous communications, maintain the confidentiality of non-public information, uphold the bylaws, and, most importantly, represent the best interests of the ORCA tokenholder community. Council members are asked to serve for the entire twelve-month term, and any candidates selected to run for election will be required to pass an identity verification screen per Orca’s Anti-Money-Laundering policy.

The Council is thrilled to bring on a new voice and looks forward to reviewing all interested nominees. Community members who do not want to serve on the Council are still encouraged to share their thoughts on the potential candidates below. The open nomination period will end at 11:59 p.m. GMT on January 16, 2024, after which interested candidates will be invited to participate in a live Discord discussion on January 25, 2024, to discuss their candidacy with the Orca community.

After the live Discord discussion, the Council will review all candidate submissions and communicate next steps.


Hello Orca Governance Council & Community,

My name is Logan Jastremski - I’d like to nominate myself for the Orca Governance Council.

I am the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Frictionless, a thesis-driven fund investing from first principles backing world-changing entrepreneurs. I host weekly podcasts with the top technical and investing minds within the Industry and previously led Product for Tesla’s Supercharging Digital Experience Team.

Unique benefits you would bring to the Council: I’ve spent the past couple of years studying blockchain scalability and the markets enabled by the increased throughput. I’ve also started one of the more technical podcasts in the blockchain ecosystem, interviewing founders on their engineering and product designs. I believe my technical background and Industry connections can be leveraged to help the Orca Governance Council.

How you would represent the interests of the Orca community: Orca has been a bedrock of the Solana community since the beginning. I’ve been continually impressed by the team’s ability to execute and adapt throughout the rapidly changing blockchain ecosystem. Orca can remain a premiere trading product in the ecosystem for bootstrapping token liquid and price discovery if the Council and engineers stay nimble and quick. My contributions to the Orca community would be guidance on product and engineering roadmaps. I believe these contributions would greatly benefit the Orca community.

What do you think the Council’s top priorities should be for 2024? I believe Orca should double down on being the ecosystem premiere spot to enable new tokens to bootstrap liquidity, something AMM is uniquely well suited for in early price discovery. I would also strongly recommend the Council explore ways to leverage/partner/ or build an on-chain order book. Solana’s engineering robustness has come a long way since Orca was deployed initially, and today, the chain can expand and support more robust engineering possibilities. I’d recommend that the Council continue to grow product offerings for traders and liquidity providers, ensuring both parties have the tool sets required to succeed at scale as on-chain becomes the new normal.