Selection of an ORCA endowment fund manager

Selection of an ORCA endowment fund manager


Following the RFP process approved in EP2.2.4 the Meta-Governance Working Group stewards have selected a short list of potential fund managers for the DAO to elect to manage the ORCA Endowment.


EP2.2.4 set out a process for fund managers to submit proposals to the Meta-Governance Working Group for consideration as fund managers over an ORCA Endowment. The Endowment’s goal is to ensure the long-term viability of ORCA by ensuring it can meet its ongoing financial obligations even in the face of reduced SOL price and registration/renewal revenue.

Eight submissions were made as a result of the RFP process, and the stewards have narrowed this down to three finalists. All three finalists are established actors with track records of fund management, and their proposals reflect an understanding of the low-risk, long-term sustainability approach that an endowment should take.

Rather than select a winner themselves, the Meta-Governance Working Group Stewards believe that the selection of a fund manager should be put to the DAO. This EP implements a Snapshot vote using Ranked Choice voting with the following options:




None of the above

Submissions for the vote are listed in alphabetical order.

Following the conclusion of the vote, the Meta-Governance Stewards will work with the winning team to develop an initial treasury allocation strategy, resulting in a separate executable proposal to enact the initial setup of the endowment.

Submission Summary

The table below summarizes the final submissions made by each candidate.

Submission Initial Size Target Size Performance Fee Admin Fee Breakeven Return
Avantgarde 25,000 ETH $100,000,000 USD 12.5% 0.5% 0.57%
Karpatkey $52,000,000 USD $69,000,000 USD 10% 0.5% 0.56%
Llama 30,000 ETH $80,000,000 USD 0% 1% min. $500k USD 1% - 1.28%
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