Tokenholder Proposal: Grant for Concentrated Liquidity Calculator

BuildrMetrics is a platform that helps simplify liquidity provision for retail & institutional users by providing easy-to-use tools that provide detailed analytics.

Orca has done a good job positioning itself as the leading Decentralized Exchange on the Solana network. What Orca needs is more resources that simplify liquidity provision to drive more liquidity and volume to Orca.

Jake Call, the BuildrMetrics founder, has written an in-depth proposal to support Orca exchange on BuildrMetrics.

BuildrMetrics & The Team

BuildrMetrics is the best tool for finding high-performing concentrated liquidity pools across leading decentralized exchanges (including Uniswap & Trader Joe). After finding liquidity pools, you can dive into simulating potential returns for those exact pools.

BuildrMetrics pulls in historical data from public subgraphs to highlight high-performing pools & allow users to determine what type of APR they might receive after deploying into a liquidity pool.

BuildrMetrics currently has over 3,500 unique monthly users (with 30% being in the US) and over 85,000 monthly page views. Implementing Orca on BuildrMetrics would allow all over these users to see Orca pools under the ‘Pool Discovery’ page, but also allow current liquidity providers on Orca to have more accurate yield estimations.

BuildrMetrics initially launched with Uniswap v3 support & recently obtained a $5,000 grant from Trader Joe to implement their exchange.

Jake Call (Founder of BuildrWealth & BuildrMetrics)

  • Jake has over 4 years experience in Decentralized Finance and liquidity provision, which allows for valuable insights when implementing new tools and features to BuildrMetrics.
  • He founded BuildrWealth in January of 2023 where he works with clients to help them establish DeFi portfolios. Over the past year he has accumulated a clientele with a collective liquidity pool portfolio of over $5m.
  • In September 2023, he created BuildrMetrics allowing liquidity providers to see advanced insights for liquidity pools.
    Jake currently has 20,000 subscribers on YouTube where he shares his insights on the DeFi market & ideas for passive income via liquidity pools. He is a prominent name in the space and has been able to connect with many DeFi Hedge Funds over the past 3 years that he has been posting for.

Key Benefits of BuildrMetrics vs Competitors

Discover: The Discover tool helps you identify the most promising concentrated liquidity pools for your capital. It consolidates data from our supported Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), providing a comprehensive overview of the pools that are currently performing well.

  • Daily Estimated Fees
  • Price Volatility
  • TVL
  • Daily Fees
  • Fee / TVL Ratio
  • Daily Volume
  • Volume / TVL Ratio

Simulate: Simulate, allows you to view the possible performance and earnings from liquidity pools on our supported Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs). Our platform provides an extensive array of analytics, available for individual pool examination. This provides you with deeper insights, enabling more informed decisions regarding your investments in liquidity pools.

  • Estimated Fees - Determine potential earnings based on your position range.
  • Deposit Amounts - Determine how much of each asset is needed.
  • Correlation Chart - The price chart of the liquidity pair for helping find range.
  • Position Breakdown (By Token & Value) - Analyze future performance across prices.
  • Asset Value - Analyze future performance across prices.
  • TVL History - Analyze TVL history over time.
  • Volume History - Analyze Volume history over time.

Implementation of Orca on BuildrMetrics

Assuming this proposal is accepted, BuildrMetrics would implement Orca on its liquidity provider tool. This would allow users to discover Orca pools & simulate Orca pools with all the above benefits.

Currently, when liquidity providers go to open a pool on Orca, they are asked to enter a pair, fee tier, range, and deposit amounts. All that users are shown is current liquidity distribution & a 24-hour potential return. This does not help users determine their range, consistency of the pool, longevity of earnings, and much more. The current 24-hour earning potential return is very misleading as one day a liquidity pool can have very high volume and just a few days later it can be a lot lower.

Implementing Orca on BuildrMetrics would allow users to determine a range, their realistic return, and consistency of the pool. Every feature that is currently live on BuildrMetrics for other exchanges would also be live for Orca.
The cost for this implementation would be strictly used to fund development costs for BuildrMetrics and maintain Orca as a supported exchange. The cost to build and maintain would be a one-time payment of $6,500.

The Benefits of This Proposal

Assuming this proposal is accepted, Orca would be shown to professional liquidity providers with six & seven figure liquidity pool portfolios which would help Orca increase its TVL. Additionally, it would assist already-existing liquidity providers on Orca to determine real returns.

To recap, Orca would be in front of 3,500 unique users that contribute to over 85,000 page views per month as well as Jake’s network of liquidity providers that have a cumulative liquidity pool portfolio greater than $5m.

Additionally, marketing content would be made for this proposal on Jake’s YouTube channel with over 20,000 subscribers which alone should drive millions of dollars of liquidity to Orca.

We also will be creating a ‘Orca LP Crash Course’ to educate liquidity providers on the best practices to ensure new liquidity providers have confidence when providing liquidity.

Official Links

Jake’s YouTube:

Personal Notes from Jake

I currently work with 74 clients & the thing that I most often get asked is when we plan on supporting Orca on BuildrMetrics. Additionally, from some of the YouTube videos that I’ve posted, you can see the comments wondering when Orca will be supported on BuildrMetrics. Now is the time to capture liquidity providers while the yields are good.


The Buildrmetrics platform is the best platform I ever used to research liquid pools on Uniswap.

It’s free and it simplifies not only the decision to enter or not in a pool but especially to calculate how to concentrate the liquidity.

As an Orca active user I consider this must have. I really miss the ability to use Buildrmetrics when researching pools on Orca.


I’m glad that we’re able to help you with your Uniswap ventures & I’m hoping we can push this grant through and get Orca implemented!


I have been following Jake and his YouTube channel for a while, and bought his course on using Uniswap to earn on LP fees.

But what stopped me from implementing his strategies is the fact that gas fees on Ethereum are high and I don’t have a huge capital so the profits I earn will be minimal after accounting for gas paid.

If his strategies are implemented on Solana, I will be more than willing to try it out due to the cheap gas fees on this network.


Thanks for the support on our Uniswap v3 Mini-Course, just a reminder, the concentrated liquidity strategies I teach can be applied on any network, including other EVM chains that don’t have high gas fees.

However, I feel like the returns are the best on Solana network right now, hence why we hope we can implement BuildrMetrics.


Jake does a great job for the liquidity pool community. This partnership with ORCA would help the greater community.


Jake does a good job of onboarding the right folks to this space. This proposal should benefit the orca community. better tools to assess risk is always a plus.


I appreciate that! I try my best, I think the main benefit is clarity. A lot of people see absurd returns on Orca, and then the next day volume isn’t good, so APR’s are actually lower than displayed. Having the ability to look at it from a 30d perspective on BuildrMetrics would be gold.


I think it would benefit greatly!


This will be very helpful. Thanks Jake


Jake’s tools and course have been invaluable. Everything I know about providing liquidity I’ve learned from his community and tools. Most of my investment has been made on the Ocra platform because I love the format and low fees. Adding Ocra to the BuildrMetrics platform would only increase the opportunity for more to find out what is happening here on Solana. It’s a strong community with resources to invest.


I would love to see Orca exchange on BuildrMetrics!


Buildrmetrics is pretty good in fact I always use it with aperture on ETH.

I also like to farm liquidity on Orca on Solana but its true that it is harder to estimate your returns, it would make things easier and benefits orca overall


This looks like a win-win. A 3-way win. Win for buildrmetrics, win for the average guy looking for YIELD; who isn’t a finacial guru, and a win for Orca or any dex that wants to make this space more user friendly. Before buildrMetrics I didn’t understand what concentrated liquidity was. It’s gonna be big baby!


BuildrMetrics tools are great for liquidity management on other chains, so this proposal would bring measurable value to Orca. It would also assist many users with initial liquidity on Solana, again benefitting Orca tremendously. Thanks for your consideration.


I truly agree, having a tool like this would make liquidity provide way more user friendly and truly attract millions of dollars in TVL.


I fall short all the time to the high APR’s & get 25% of it the next day. Really hope we can work towards getting this on BuildrMetrics.


I hope we can make this huge! About half of my community is more active on Orca than Uniswap.


This is a great tools when it comes to understanding which LPs to get into. I’ve been using it for ARB mainly and now that I have more exposure in Orca, it feels like the way to go! A much needed tool for everyone to benefit from.


I definitely think so - this will simplify liquidity providing & therefore drive more liquidity to Orca!