Orca Governance Council - 2024 Re-elections

In accordance with Article 3.2.1 of the bylaws, the Orca Governance Council has held a special meeting to determine which members wish to be re-elected for the 2024 term. The re-election candidates are:

  1. Cortina
  2. Hart Lambur
  3. Chris Montagano
  4. Lakshman Sankar
  5. Larry Sukernik
  6. Wes Tang-Wymer

A Council proposal to re-elect the candidates will go live on December 16, 2023. The voting period will last for 5 days, ending on December 21, 2023, and the Tokenholder veto period will last for 2 days, ending on December 23, 2023. Tokenholders may also cast veto votes during the voting period.

Please take this opportunity to share your thoughts about the inaugural Council term and your hopes for 2024. If this proposal passes, there will be one vacancy, which would subsequently be filled pursuant to the process set forth in the bylaws.

The Orca protocol thanks the 2023 Council members for their dedicated service to the community and looks forward to another productive year in 2024! 2023 was filled with growth and learning opportunities, and it is truly an honor that so many Council members wish to sit for another term.